Illustrator / Game Designer / Writer
Hell, United States

Bastien Lecouffe Deharme was born on the shores of Brittany (France) at the beginning of the eighties.
His artwork evolves at the crossroad of modern and ancient myths and legends, forgotten tales and tragedies.
Bastien creates dark and symbolic pictures, blending a contrast of beauty and decadence.

He lives and work in the US since 2010.

Clients include:
Magic: the Gathering, Adobe, DAW Books, Random House, Tor Books, National Geographic, Riot Games, Penguin, Harper Collins, Orbit Books, Del Rey, Spectrum, SFX Magazine, Imagine FX, 3D Total (Digital Art Masters, Sketching from the Imagination), Applibot (Legend of the Cryptids), Popular Science, Miami New Times, Gallimard, Pocket, Bragelonne, Mnemos, Les Ecuries d’Augias Edition du Riez, Elegy, Carta Capital (The Economist), Mad Movies, Metaluna Production, Malpertuis …

Represented by Shannon Associates (NYC).